Show Your Support for Road Safety Week

This week, leading UK road safety charity Brake is holding its annual Road Safety Week in local communities, using the theme ‘slower speeds = happy people’.  Car insurance comparison website takes a look at what is happening.

Road Safety Week

Every year UK road safety charity Brake organises an event known as Road Safety Week and this year it is taking place between the 19th and the 25th of November. During Road Safety Week there will be a series of events taking place in communities to promote road safety up and down the country. The theme this year is ‘slower speeds = happy people’ so these events will be based around encouraging drivers to slow down to 20mph around residential areas, shops and schools with the idea of giving drivers a better chance of stopping in an emergency. They will also be encouraging local authorities to implement measures to protect people on foot and bicycle. Road Safety Week initiative is all the more necessary this year after government statistics, published recently, show that there has been a rise in serious injuries and road deaths on the roads of Great Britain’s for the first time in nearly a decade. These reports which were published by the Department of Transport show that there the number of people killed in cars rose by 6% and 12% rise in those killed on foot. Those who wish to get involved with road safety week can register for a free downloadable action pack which includes guidance on setting up events and posters to help raise awareness.  The charity also suggests that people can support the cause in other ways: Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of popular car insurance comparison website commented “It is important that motorists need to make sure they never underestimate how dangerous it is to drive too fast. These recent statistics from the Department Of Transport highlight the importance of initiatives like Road Safety Week. There are lots of ways to get involved, so see if there is an event in your local community which you can attend or even simply raise awareness among your social circle about driving more slowly. Creating awareness may save lives and protect the safety of all road users. Of course fewer accidents will reduce insurance claims which could lead to a higher chance of all drivers getting cheap car insurance in the future”. For more information visit
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