Survey Reveals That It Pays To Compare Insurance

The most recent survey of shoppers who have bought car insurance through independent car insurance comparison website has shown that more than 30% of those surveyed have saved a staggering £300 or more against their motor insurance renewal price. Survey Results

The survey, which was carried out with shoppers who purchased an insurance policy between April 2013 and July 2013, asked questions about the speed and ease of use of the website compared with other comparison sites and the car insurance savings made against the shopper's renewal price. The results showed an all round improvement on the last survey with every area receiving a more favourable response than before.

On price, 83% of the shoppers surveyed during the period saved £50 or more against their car insurance renewal price by using the service. Furthermore, nearly a third saved more than £300. This should come as good news for UK motorists looking for cheap car insurance. has been surveying its shoppers for more than two years to ensure ongoing improvement of its car insurance comparison service. As well as asking how much money has been saved on policies, the survey also asks how quickly shoppers are able to complete their quotes and how easy the site is to use when compared to other comparison sites. Both of these areas also produced favourable responses with more than 92% of the shoppers that were surveyed saying that the site is easy or very easy to use, and 93% saying the site is either quick or very quick when it comes to obtaining quotes. The survey also asked whether respondents would recommend to family and friends - a whopping 98% of those surveyed said that they would.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of the site, commented: “We are really pleased with the results of the latest survey. Following the website re-design in March it is really encouraging to see that shoppers have rated the overall experience as having improved and that we are able to help even more people to save money against their renewal price. We have also collected much more feedback from shoppers that will help us to continue improving our service in the future.”

02/08/2013 09:02:03 Eren
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