Tempcover To Insure Impounded Vehicles.

Short term insurance provider, Tempcover, has announced that it is now offering insurance for impounded vehicles which will allow drivers to collect a seized car from a compound.

These days, the police have a large amount of technology available that allows them to identify uninsured vehicles. With Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) police can record vehicle details and check them against a number of databases to see if a car is insured. Should a car not appear to be insured the police have the power to impound it which can cost a vehicle owner up to £350 plus storage costs, which can be as much as £40 a day.

If a car is impounded the police will only release it if the owner or a person nominated arrives with the correct documents – a driving licence, an MOT and, crucially, the correct insurance. However, most insurance policies don’t cover impounded vehicles, with many companies specifically refusing to cover seized vehicles.

Tempcover now offers a special type of temporary insurance which allows drivers to pick up an impounded car from the compound. Meaning, that if a driver arrives at the compound with the other necessary documents they should have no problem leaving with their vehicles.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director at Tiger.co.uk, commented “It’s likely to be a surprise to a lot of motorists that they are not covered to pick their cars up from a compound should their car be impounded. This new insurance from Tempcover could be a lifesaver for people unlucky enough to have had their cars impounded.”

19/11/2014 16:57:19 Mike
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