Tiger.co.uk Adds Loan Comparison Service

19 January 2012 Tiger.co.uk, one of the UK’s most popular car insurance comparison sites, has announced that it has teamed up with lovemoney.com to offer its shoppers a comprehensive and easy to use loans comparison service from January 2012. The launch of the new comparison service should come as good news to consumers following a rise in advertising from several ‘loan shark’ firms offering loans with very high interest rates. The new loans service from Tiger.co.uk will feature affordable loan products from well known brands, including many high street banks. The service allows shoppers to compare products from established financial companies based on how much money they would like to borrow over the period of time they choose to pay it back. At the time of going to press there are deals available costing as little as just over £100 per month for a loan value of £5,000.  According to some reports the continuing debt crisis in Europe might start to push up the cost of building society and bank borrowing in the UK. There is a chance that this could be passed on to consumers in the form of higher interest rates on loan and mortgage products, so the message to people seeking a loan is to apply sooner rather than later to secure a good deal. Tiger.co.uk, better known for providing shoppers with the ability to compare car insurance, has over a hundred and forty insurance brands on its panel, together with a growing reputation for ease of use and provision of affordable insurance. A spokesperson for the site commented, “We successfully launched our credit card comparison service with lovemoney.com in January last year. Before that we were focusing our efforts on delivering affordable car insurance quotes to our shoppers. We’re very pleased to announce the launch of this great new loans comparison service, particularly in the new year at a time when people are getting their finances organised. Our partnership with lovemoney.com means we can cater for a wide range of shoppers; whether they are looking for unsecured personal loans or car finance there are plenty of low rate deals available”.
19/01/2012 15:34:41 Jo
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