Tiger.co.uk Comments On Road Rage Poll

09 November 2011 Research carried out by Admiral insurance, a insurer on the panel of popular car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk, has revealed some interesting findings that suggest Britain is a rather angry nation of drivers. Almost three quarters of drivers polled admitted to becoming angry with other drivers when they are in control of a car. More concerning, was the discovery that 1 in every 10 have followed a fellow motorist in anger, and nearly a quarter of UK drivers have suffered an assault or been on the receiving end of a threat from another angry driver! The research has challenged opinions that this type of behaviour is most common among male drivers. 76% of women surveyed confessed to having felt angry when behind the wheel compared to only 69% of males drivers surveyed. It is males however who are more likely to make threats, shout, gesticulate or carry out physical assaults on other drivers. Worse, a shocking 10% of male drivers admitted to assaulting another driver and 4% have lashed out at other vehicles in some way. It appears that the roads in the UK have become a more hostile place than they were in the past, increasing the chances of road rage related road incidents, and highlighting the need to make sure you have the correct car insurance in place. The research showed that nearly half of drivers surveyed did not consider themselves to be aggressive people in daily life but capable of becoming frustrated and angry when behind the wheel of a car! A spokesperson from car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk commented, “Findings from the study carried out by Admiral are quite worrying, and it shows that driving can bring out the devil out in many people! If drivers are in a hurry or caught in heavy traffic tempers can obviously flare up. Motorists should calm down, think before acting in anger and have some respect for their fellow drivers. Always make sure you have car insurance in place so that you are covered if you are unfortunate enough to get caught up in any problems involving angry drivers.”
09/11/2011 14:50:11 Jo
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