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25 November 2011 This is Road Safety Week. Communities across the UK will be taking part in "Too Young to Die", a campaign set up by Brake a UK road safety charity. Tiger.co.uk, the car insurance comparison site that provides car insurance for young drivers, is encouraging people to get involved. This year’s event is themed, ‘Too Young To Die’ and will focus on younger drivers and the massive number of crashes that occur among this group. Statistics published by Brake show that drivers aged 17-24 make up only 12% of all UK driving licence holders and yet they are involved in accidents that result in 25% of deaths and serious injuries. Brake is asking for people to support the campaign in five different ways:
  • Make a pledge: Brake is asking motorists to offer a pledge to be responsible and compassionate when driving
  • Social media: Sign up to the many social pages that have been set up by the charity
  • Write to your local MP: Brake wants to introduce a ‘graduated driver licensing’ scheme, which would include enforcing a minimum learning period and placing restrictions upon inexperienced drivers. Writing to your local MP to show your support can help.
  • Posters: Brake has some posters available on their website and is asking for people to download them
  • Donate: make a cash donation either by arranging an event or simply pledging a small amount personally.
A spokesperson from car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk commented, “All kinds of people and organisations get involved with Road Safety Week – schools, emergency services, driving instructors, employers and many more. There are lots of ways to get involved – you can do something as a simple as downloading posters from the Brake site, find out if there is an event in your local community that you can join, or just tell someone about the campaign so that it might make them more aware to take care when driving. Creating awareness could save lives. Of course, reducing accidents could reduce insurance claims which in turn could lead to the prospect of cheap car insurance in the future”. For more information visit http://www.roadsafetyweek.org.uk  
28/11/2011 09:00:52 Jo
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