Tiger.co.uk Provides 5 Tips To Help Save Money On Car Insurance

Car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk provides valuable advice to motorists trying to save money on their car insurance. As April’s Tiger Watch revealed, the recent EU Gender Directive has had an adverse effect on the price of female car insurance and the cost of motoring still remains high. As such, there are many motorists in the UK who could benefit from advice on how to lower their premiums. With this in mind, car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk has highlighted five top tips on how drivers in the UK can get the best deal possible on their car insurance. 1. Protect No-Claims Bonuses Having a long no-claims bonus is a good way to reduce premiums, so it is worth protecting. Protecting a no-claims bonus can add a few more pounds on to the premium but without it future premiums might rise by as much as 73% in the event of a claim. 2. Forget The Sports Car Consider the price of insurance before buying a car. Dreams of a Porsche or Ferrari should be put to one side and a car from a low insurance group chosen instead (there are now fifty insurance groups and group one has the cheapest cars to insure – group ratings for cars can be checked via the Association of British Insurers' website). 3. Make Sure It Is Secure Fitting an approved tracking device, immobiliser or alarm can often attract a discount. Many new cars come with this type of security as standard but older models may not. 4. Consider Telematics There are an increasing number of specialist and mainstream insurance companies that are adopting telematics-based technology for car insurance. This type of product uses a small box installed in the vehicle (or a smartphone app) to track driver behavior and this information is used to set premiums. Telematics (or Black Box Insurance as it is often referred to) can provide much cheaper car insurance, particularly for higher risk younger drivers. 5. Shop Around Motorists can save hundreds of pounds on car insurance simply by shopping around. It is important to compare prices from a range of companies before buying a policy. Words of warning however: Make sure you are comparing like-for-like cover when shopping around. Some deals may seem cheaper but might not offer a comparable level of cover. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of Tiger.co.uk, commented: “Following this advice should help people to save money on their car insurance at a time when motoring costs are high. Tiger.co.uk is quick and easy to use and features car insurance quotes from over 150 brands including 12 telematics brands, which is currently more than any other car insurance comparison site has on offer. It is definitely worth paying the site a visit when shopping around.” END About Tiger.co.uk: Tiger.co.uk is a trading name of Call Connection Ltd. Tiger.co.uk is a UK based, independent car insurance comparison site, offering insurance quotes from over 150 motor insurance brands. Call Connection Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (number 308374).
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