Tiger.co.uk Provides Guidance on Bank Holiday Driving

Bank Holiday weekends are renowned for heavy traffic and with increasing numbers of drivers on the road, there is an inevitable increase in the probability of accidents. Many organisations are predicting that the forthcoming Easter Holiday break will be a busy period on the roads, so running a few simple vehicle checks and having the right amount of car insurance in place is essential according to Tiger.co.uk. Not only do Bank Holidays bring with them an increased risk of accidents they also bring about an increased possibility of delays and breakdowns. Drivers who plan to be on the road in their cars during this busy period need to be vigilant when driving and plan for journeys by taking a few straight forward precautions. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for Tiger.co.uk said, “Drivers should ensure that they have run some basic checks before setting out on a journey, such as checking water and oil levels and measuring tyre pressure. As a precaution it is wise to have you car insurance details and breakdown membership number to hand when travelling. With any luck you won’t need them, but it is always wise to be prepared”. It is not just car drivers who are at risk though. With the weather warming up and evenings starting to get lighter motorbike riders start getting bikes out of the garage after a winter break. Some top tips for travelling over the Bank Holiday weekend, courtesy of Tiger.co.uk:
  1. Plan your route and  make sure you listen out for travel announcements leading up to your journey
  2. Assume that roads will be busy and allow enough time to reach your destination
  3. If you want your friends or family members to drive the car consider taking out temporary motor insurance to avoid affecting your own no-claims bonus in the event of an accident
  4. Carry food and drinks on board, and make sure you have oil and water to top up the engine if necessary
  5. Make sure you have enough fuel! It may seem basic but avoid getting caught up on a busy motorway with low fuel levels. Remember, if you slow down you use less fuel. Driving safely pays!
20/03/2013 08:52:27 Mike
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