Tiger.co.uk Releases Guide To Buying A Motorbike

Popular car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk has published a guide to buying a motorbike to add to the library of information hosted on the site for its shoppers. Tiger.co.uk has announced today that it has published a guide to buying a motorbike. The guide provides clear, step by step guidance on what points to look out for when purchasing a bike, from the appearance of the vehicle, documentation and mechanical issues at the point of viewing, through to how to make the purchase. The guide is targeted at both novice riders and more experienced riders who are looking to buy a new or used motorbike and aims to help potential buyers to make an informed decision about the condition a motorbike is in. With the bike season in full swing in the U.K Tiger.co.uk have been reporting higher volumes of quotes for motorbike insurance and temporary motorbike insurance. Many motorists use their motorbike as a second vehicle in the summer saving the car for the winter time when the road conditions are typically more dangerous. Temporary bike insurance can be a good option for those motorcyclists who take their motorbikes out of the garage for the summer. Those who do should be aware that they need to complete a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) for when the bike is off road and not in use. The guide could be useful to both riders who already have a bike and simply want to run some checks prior to a ride out and those who are new to motorbikes and considering buying one. It advises on mechanical points to look out for such as the condition of the brakes, suspension, chain and tyres and offers comprehensive guidance on how to assess each point. For those who are buying, it also details the documentation that the seller should make available to you when you go to view the vehicle. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director at Tiger.co.uk commented: “The addition of a guide to buying a motorbike is part of our continued commitment to offer our shoppers more than just the ability to compare car insurance quotes.  Our bike insurance panel is growing and now features 38 quality insurance partners for our shoppers to choose from. Having listened to shopper feedback we thought that this type of additional information would be welcomed. Visitors to the site can access all of this under the ‘“Info” area of the site, which is linked at the top right of the homepage.”
13/08/2012 10:25:45 Eren
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