Tiger.co.uk Releases Guide to Van Insurance

Popular insurance comparison website Tiger.co.uk has released yet another guide for their shoppers, this time providing helpful tips on van insurance. Tiger.co.uk is continuing to emphasise the importance of feeding expert insurance knowledge to their shoppers so that they can select the best product that suits them. On this occasion the popular insurance comparison website is attempting to shed more light on some common misconceptions about van insurance. The guide delves into the different categories of use that people should select when obtaining a van insurance quote as this is one of many rating factors that insurers will evaluate. The guide goes onto defining the cover available to van drivers, the various elements that affect the premiums customers will pay, the different types of van, their insurance groupings and any other additional insurance cover that may be required. With so many different types of vans available, business needs and policy variables finding the right level of cover for the right price can be very difficult. The significance of van insurance is very high as Tiger.co.uk appreciates that not only the vehicle needs to be covered but also the contents of the vehicle that also carries huge significance. Businesses and consumers depend heavily on van insurance for the transportation, delivery and in some situations the ability to indemnify damaged or stolen goods so that businesses can recover their good efficiently. At a time where businesses can not afford to lose money on damaged or stolen goods, ensuring that every possible scenario is fully covered to minimise disruption to their business is paramount. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of Tiger.co.uk commented: “Any information that we can release about van insurance will only benefit the shopper when renewing or buying a van insurance policy for the first time. We want our customers to be confident and have the peace of mind that they have purchased the correct insurance product and that their van and the contents of their van are covered. Tiger.co.uk has over 20 van insurance partners for our shoppers to choose from to find the best cover that suits them at the best price. As van insurance can be more diverse than other insurance products whether you are a mobile hairdresser or an electrician the levels of cover required can vary. We hope that this guide helps our shoppers find the best cover for their individual situation and circumstances.”
15/05/2012 11:04:31 Eren
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