Tiger.co.uk Warns Students To Keep Insurers Informed

As the start of the university term draws near many students will be saying goodbye to their parents for the first time and setting off to university. To make life easier many of these students will be taking their cars with them and most of them will be fully insured. However, there are some common things that students can overlook which could lead to trouble with their insurance provider. Unfortunately, failure to update certain information might lead to insurance providers refusing to pay out in the event of a claim, or, in the worst circumstances, leave the student open to prosecution for fraud.

When a student takes their car to university, it is vital that they let their car insurance company know of the change of address. If their parents live in the countryside and they are moving to an urban environment this will affect the cost of their insurance. Although circumstances like these may lead to an increase in premium, it pays to be honest in the long term.

Changing location will often come with a change in parking arrangements, many halls of residence have their own private car park but some student houses will only have parking on the road. If the parking arrangement is different from the one at home, the student’s insurance provider needs to know.

Occupation is an influential factor too. Between sixth form and university, a student might take on a full time job, when they go to university and back into full time education, this change in occupation will need to be reflected on their insurance policy. Likewise, if they later on take on a part time job to supplement their student loan they will also need to let their insurance provider know about the change.

Andrew Goulborn Commercial Director for car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk commented: “Going to university for the first time is incredibly exciting, there are so many things to do and see that it can be easy to overlook the more mundane tasks like making sure your car insurance is up-to-date. Sometimes changes will lead to premium rises, but it is vital to make sure your insurance is valid as the consequences of overlooking these things could result in losing out if you ever have to make a claim. At Tiger.co.uk, we have many insurance providers on our panel who can offer cheap student car insurance or great deals on young driver’s car insurance. We also provide written guides giving advice on how you can save money, explore the guides section of the site for more details.”

01/10/2012 13:13:25 Mike
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