Tiger.co.uk Reveals Britain's Safest Drivers

Tiger.co.uk has today revealed its analysis of Britain’s safest and most accident-prone motorists. The website looked at over almost a million car insurance quotes in order to produce the analysis. The data looks at different car manufacturers and car colours and correlates these with claimed driver accident rates in the five year period before the quote was run.

For example 19.9% of drivers of red Volvos have had an accident in the last five years.

Overall, 13.3% of drivers had an accident within this period but the Tiger.co.uk analysis shows some big differences between different types and colours of car.

Perhaps most surprising is the de-bunking of the safe driving myth in relation to Britain’s Volvo drivers who are second only to Porsche drivers when it comes to the number of accidents reported per driver. At s 21.4%, this is around three times more than Daewoo drivers who carefully drove their way to a 7.3% accident rate.

Less surprisingly, when it comes to car make, there appears to be a broad correlation between the power of the vehicle and the accident rate, with Jaguar, Lexus, Audi and Saab all scoring above average.

The examination of car colour reveals some interesting results, with red cars being involved in the fewest accidents and silver or grey cars being involved in nearly 50% more accidents.

Andrew Goulborn, Tiger.co.uk’s Commercial Director added: “When we looked at both make and colour combined we found that Britain’s most accident-prone drivers own either a grey Lexus, a white BMW or a grey Saab. But well done to the drivers of yellow Daewoos, black Austins and red Daihatsus - our data reveals that these cars are involved in the fewest accidents. Any driver who has had a recent accident will know that they are paying more for their insurance policy so it’s always worth making the effort to compare car insurance quotes using a great site like Tiger.co.uk. In the meantime, take a look at our table and see whether your own driving experience matches our analysis”.

02/05/2012 09:46:12 Eren
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