Tiger Expands Its Car Insurance Panel

Car insurance website Tiger.co.uk has announced that it will be adding a new insurance product from existing partner KeyWorkerInsure.com.

KeyWorkerInsure.com is a specialist insurer that provides cover for people who are currently working or have previously worked in a “key workers” industry. KeyWorkerInsure.com creates their insurance products specifically for key workers and their policies take into account the skills, training, qualifications and experience that key workers possess and that many insurers do not consider when evaluating insurance risks.

The new insurance products available on Tiger.co.uk are designed for current and past members of police forces as well as those who work in, or have worked in, the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force and The British Army. Policy purchasers will receive additional benefits that are not available from conventional insurance companies as well as receiving competitive prices.

The additional training and skills that members of police forces and HM Forces may have - particularly any additional driving skills - are taken into account when calculating car insurance quotes.

Already recognized amongst insurance shoppers for its competitive pricing, Tiger.co.uk already has over 150 motor insurance brands on its comparison panels, together with a growing reputation for accessibility, accuracy and ease of use.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director at Tiger.co.uk commented: “We are really pleased to be introducing another product to the site from KeyWorkerInsure.com. We want to be able to offer competitive car insurance quotes to a wide range of shoppers and having another KeyWorkerInsure.com product on our panel helps us to do just that. We are very happy to support specialist insurance products like this and to offer even greater choice to the users of our site. We would encourage anyone who works – or has worked – in one of these sectors to give Tiger.co.uk a try!”

31/08/2012 10:41:42 Eren
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