Tiger.co.uk Publishes Guide To Reducing Motorbike Insurance

Popular insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk, has published a guide to providing advice on reducing the cost of motorbike insurance. Tips To Lower Your Bike Insurance To help bikers in their search for cheap bike insurance, Tiger.co.uk has released a guide full of tips on how to reduce motorbike insurance premiums. With the British summer in full swing motorcycle enthusiasts in Great Britain will be keen to get their bikes of the garage and out on to the open road. Many will still need to arrange the right level of insurance cover but as motoring costs continue to be a heavy financial burden, they will no doubt also be looking for ways to keep premiums as affordable as possible. The new guide aims to explain how motorcyclists can save money on their insurance, not only by ensuring that they get the best cover suited to their needs, but also being mindful of road safety and obeying the laws of the highway code. This valuable advice is a must for anyone shopping around for a good deal on motorbike insurance in the current economic climate. Tiger.co.uk, has nearly 40 motorbike insurance brands on its comparison panel, together with a growing reputation for ease of use and access to affordable insurance cover. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of Tiger.co.uk, commented, “Delivering more quality content for our site visitors will be a key focus for us in 2013. Insurance can be a complex field for people to navigate and we feel that the better informed people are, the better equipped they are to make the right buying decisions when it comes to getting properly covered. Having listened to shopper feedback we thought that additional information would be welcomed. All this information can be found within the "Help & Info" area of the site, accessed at the top right of the homepage.”
12/06/2013 16:33:25 Eren
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