Tiger.co.uk Recommends Buying Holiday Car Insurance Early

Families booking a hire car in Europe this summer could end up getting stung by the hidden cost of extras. Car insurance comparison site Tiger.co.uk reports. Beware of The Hidden Costs Of Car Hire Recent research in to the costs of car hire on the continent has revealed that families with young children could end up getting charged more than £500 for car hire extras. When planning a holiday the cost of car hire may not seem that expensive. For example, Hertz advertises a Ford Focus (or equivalent car) for two weeks in Alicante for £562 and many local car hire firms might have similar vehicles advertised for even less. However, according to a recent investigation by the Daily Mail, many hire firms may have adopted “Ryanair style pricing” when it comes to additional extras. Options such as having child seats, adding an extra driver or having a satnav on board can add up to almost the same price as the car hire itself. One of the most expensive additions can be buying additional car insurance. Often, the standard "collision damage waiver" (often referred to as CDW) provided by the car hire company comes with a huge excess - sometimes up to £2,000 - and the only way to get around this is to buy more insurance. The most comprehensive level of insurance that can be bought to cover excesses and things such as tyre and windscreen damage can cost as much as £275 for a two week period, increasing the overall rental cost considerably. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director at Tiger.co.uk, commented: “Car hire companies are renowned for having substantial excesses as part of the standard insurance offered. Unfortunately, many holidaymakers are not aware of that until they pick up the car. We would recommend that any drivers planning to hire a vehicle abroad look at buying their top-up car insurance before they travel. Tiger.co.uk works with icarhireinsurance, a company that offers European excess cover for as little as £2.99 a day. Alternatively, if you are planning to travel more regularly, you can purchase an annual policy for just £39.99. It is definitely worth factoring this in to your holiday planning to save yourself from stress and extra cost when you arrive at your holiday destination”.
02/07/2013 14:09:30 Eren
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