Warning To Motorists About The Morning After

Tiger.co.uk, the popular website to compare car insurance advices motorists to be cautious about driving after a night of drinking alcohol following a targeted drink driving campaign. With Christmas just around the corner the police are increasing their efforts to warn motorists not to go over the top with the festivities, not only on nights out, but also the following morning. Figures from this year’s THINK! campaign revealed that in 2011 280 motorists died due to drink driving, in addition more motorists failed breath tests in the morning between 6am to 11am than between 11pm and 1am during the Christmas period. Think! Drink Driving Campaign This years THINK! campaign is targeted at drivers between the ages of 20 and 24 as motorists in these age ranges failed more breath tests than any other age group in 2011. A drink driving conviction can result in job loss, strain in personal relationships, a minimum of 12 months driving ban, a criminal record, and hefty fines as well as higher motor insurance costs. To show the effect on insurance costs that a drink driving conviction can have Tiger.co.uk has recorded some car insurance quotes with and without a drink driving conviction. The driver profile was a 23 year old male, driving a 2000 Ford Focus and living in Ipswich. Insurance Cost After Drink Driving Conviction The figures indicate that with a drink driving conviction the percentage increase in premium is severe, on average a drink driving conviction resulted in a 269% increase in premium. Harsh punishments, inflated insurance costs, a clamp down from the Police and a revamped drink driving campaign from THINK! should create a very clear message not drink and drive the morning after a night out. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director at Tiger.co.uk, also added: “The best way to ensure that you don’t run the risk of being over the limit is to not drink at all. The main issue is that everyone has different tolerances to alcohol, one driver may be under the limit the morning after and others may still be over. If you plan to go out drinking then arrange to travel home with a designated driver, taxi or public transport, and give consideration to the morning after too. Make arrangements to get home without having to use the car and make sure you have no plans to drive the following morning. The increased cost of motor insurance is significant with a drink driving conviction, but more importantly, we need to lower the number of motorists killed in the UK due to drink driving. ”
17/12/2012 12:37:12 Eren
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