Young Driver Car Insurance Brand Joins

Ipswich, 30th January 2012 the popular car insurance comparison site announced the addition of Only Young Drivers insurance brand to its trusted panel of insurance partners. Only Young Drivers (an appointed representative of Millennium Insurance Brokers) uses a unique over the phone risk assessment application process to provide cheap car insurance for young drivers for 18 to 24 year old motorists. The telephone assessment is designed to ascertain whether applicants have a clean track record and are responsible drivers so that competitive car insurance quotes can be provided. It has been well documented that young drivers pay a lot more for their car insurance than older drivers. By asking a short set of questions Only Young Drivers aims to provide young drivers insurance quotes that are priced according to the individual drivers merits, not simply upon assumptions based on age alone. A spokesperson for the car insurance comparison site, commented: “As our monthly price monitor Tiger Watch has documented, the prices for younger driver car insurance have soared recently. We are very pleased to have Only Young Drivers on board. We pride ourselves on the provision of a wide range of products to suit the varied needs of UK motorists and we have many younger drivers visiting the site. Few insurers are able to offer affordable insurance to drivers in younger age groups and as such we know there is demand for less expensive cover. The addition of Only Young Drivers to the panel means that we can currently offer shoppers access to 150 brands across bike, van and car insurance.”
31/01/2012 16:51:30 Mike
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