Job Prospects At Risk Due To Young Driver Insurance

Nigel Evans, Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, spoke out on behalf of young drivers last week, stating that the increasing cost of young drivers car insurance could be having an effect on whether or not they take a job. has investigated. Nigel Evans announced that young adults might be having to deal with financial conflict between taking a job offer and being able to afford the insurance needed for the commute to work. Soaring premiums mean that young drivers are being “punished before they have even sat behind the wheel”, he warned. Mr Evans said that young people in rural areas are particularly badly affected due to a lack of regular public transport in remote areas leaving them with no alternative to driving. The MP has called upon insurance companies in the UK to use “more imagination” in solving the problem.  Possible solutions could include the offer of a rebate on insurance premiums after a period of twelve months with no claims, or pricing quotes based on scores achieved in the practical driving test, Mr Evans suggested. He also said that he hopes to meet with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) soon to talk about how to approach the issue. As reported in the car insurance price monitor, Tiger Watch, whilst the rate of inflation in premiums seen in 2010 and the first part of 2011 seems to have slowed, younger drivers are still being quoted high insurance prices. Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director for commented, “Unfortunately for younger drivers it is well documented that they pay more for their car insurance than older drivers. There are some measures that can be taken to try to reduce premiums however. has published a guide providing tips on how to keep car insurance as affordable as possible. Things like driving vehicles in lower insurance groups, avoiding modifications, keeping your annual mileage low and considering telematics-based insurance can all help to keep costs down. Of course, we would always advocate shopping around too. Using a site like will help you to compare prices from a wide range of insurers, some of which specialise in young driver insurance.
06/03/2012 09:24:30 Eren
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