Young Driver Car Insurance High And Driver Confidence Low

30 November 2011 A recent poll carried out by the AA has found that 11% of drivers feel that they would not pass their driving test should they be asked to take it again. Even though older motorists are less likely to be familiar with the new driving test format, they appear to be more confident that they would pass another test if asked to. It is younger drivers who are confessing to having less faith in their driving skills.  As many as 15% of 18-24 year olds who were polled claimed that they were either "quite unlikely" or "unlikely" to pass another driving test compared to only 9% of drivers aged over 65. This suggests that confidence grows with experience of being on the road. The findings help to explain why it can be a struggle to find cheap car insurance for young drivers. Little experience of driving and less confidence on the roads seemingly contributes towards some of the highest incidence of accidents in the UK, with 1 in 5 drivers having an accident within the first 12 months of passing their test. It is statistics like this that create a challenge for young drivers as they present a higher risk of claims and thus, car insurance for young drivers almost always costs more than car insurance for those with more experience. According to the poll it seems that men are more confident than their female counterparts when asked if they would pass a test if made to take it again. 32% of the men polled stated that they were "very likely" to be successful in passing, compared to only 23% of the women polled. A spokesperson from car insurance comparison site commented, “It’s quite understandable that younger drivers are less confident on the road as they haven’t had the opportunity to notch up many miles behind the wheel. For those who have recently passed their test a Pass Plus course offered by the Driving Standards Agency could help to improve a person’s driving skills and help to build confidence on the road. Having a driving qualification like that under your belt can also help you to find cheaper car insurance quotes. There are many insurance companies that will provide discounts to drivers who have completed a Pass Plus, so it is definitely worth investigating”
30/11/2011 17:12:21 Jo
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