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As many young drivers feel like they are being priced out of the insurance market, independent insurance comparison website has written some advice on how to reduce the cost of young drivers' car insurance.

Becoming a seventeen year old is one of the great milestones in a British teenager’s life as it allows them to legally drive a car on a public road. Unfortunately, getting on the road is growing more and more expensive as the cost of driving lessons rises, along with the cost of fuel and this is before the sky high cost of young driver’s car insurance is added into the equation.

  • Whilst there is not a great deal young drivers can do to bring down the price of fuel or the cost of driving lessons, they do have a bit more control over cost of car insurance:
  • Before purchasing a car, do some thorough research. Buying a car with a smaller engine in a lower insurance group can save a young driver a huge amount of money. On top of this, cars with small engines tend to be more economical on fuel which is an added bonus.
  • New drivers need to search around for car insurance. Using an online comparison website like will help young drivers to compare car insurance from many popular insurance providers including many brands who specialise in car insurance for young drivers.
  • Telematics, sometimes called "black box" or "pay-as-you-drive", insurance involves a small tracking device being put into the driver’s car to keep track of their driving habits. Telematics policies are becoming more and more popular with safe, younger drivers simply because they tend to be less expensive than the more traditional insurance policies. Smartphone app-based telematics policies are also up-and-coming.
  • Adding additional drivers, especially older and more experienced ones, can reduce the cost of car insurance for young drivers. However, putting the more experienced driver as the main driver when they rarely have use of the car is known as fronting and is illegal.
Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of commented, “Unfortunately young drivers’ car insurance is always more expensive than older drivers’ car insurance as they represent a higher risk. However, there are things they can do to try and keep costs down. We have published an extensive guide on our site for shoppers who would like even more advice on how to save money on young driver’s car insurance policies. Things such as keeping annual mileage low, avoiding motoring convictions and obtaining a Pass Plus certificate can all help to reduce costs. We would always advise shopping around too. Using an online comparison website such as helps all drivers to compare prices from a wide range of insurers. is particularly useful for younger drivers because it features more telematics insurance products on its panel than any other comparison site.”

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