Young Women The Losers As EU Directive Looms

Tiger Watch is the UK’s most up to date car insurance price tracker and is produced each month by comparison site It analyses hundreds of car insurance quotes each month to produce an up to date snapshot of the market.  Its August 2012 results do not make happy reading for young women motorists. Overall the results are good news for the majority of UK drivers. They show that prices have fallen by about 1.3% compared to prices on offer last month and by 3.4% compared to August 2011 premiums. However, the Tiger Watch results make depressing reading for Britain’s younger female motorists. The data that is analysed each month using a 20 year old woman driver profile has seen prices increase by 9.2% over the last year. 25 year old women motorists have also seen prices increase year-on-year by 0.6%. All other driver profiles analysed by the Tiger Watch study have seen prices drop, with over 35 year old male and female drivers all seeing significant price drops. This adds up to the first set of Tiger Watch results which show that, on average, male drivers are now getting cheaper motor insurance than their female counterparts, with pricing running at about 1.9% lower. This follows the trend of the last six months which has seen the historical “gender gap” disappear. Commenting on the latest Tiger Watch results, Andrew Goulborn,’s Commercial Director, emphasised the big swing in young women’s insurance prices: “We’ve been producing this insurance price monitor since 2010 and for the first time we’ve seen average male pricing dip below women’s prices this month. But it’s not all women who are seeing increases – it’s younger women drivers who are being hit hard, almost certainly as a result of the EU Gender Directive that comes into effect in December this year. Traditionally young women have enjoyed relatively cheap car insurance prices when compared with young male drivers but with the use of gender as a rating factor being outlawed by the EU Directive, we’re seeing insurance providers start to align prices across the genders. As ever, we would advise all drivers to shop around using a quick and accurate independent motor insurance comparison site like in order to get a great deal”.
09/08/2012 08:00:01 Eren
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