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We have put together a number of Tiger Guides to help our site users to understand some of the intricacies of motor insurance and financial services products. So whether you are looking for cheap car insurance, interested in telematics insurance products, looking for guidance on making an insurance claim, or want to know more about a range of related matters, take a look at Tiger.co.uk’s very own guides in this library.

Great Motoring gifts for £20 or less

Need help with some last minute Christmas gifts?Here at Tiger.co.uk we have put together a list of reasonably priced gifts for the motoring enthusiast in your life! Lamborghini Orange Racing Car
16/12/2015 11:21:46 Mike

For Your Eyes Only - 007 Car Insurance Secrets

With the new Bond movie, Spectre, about to reach our screens, Tiger.co.uk has taken a look at how 007 and his sidekick Q can teach us all a thing or two about how to get cheaper car insurance. Looking at a number of factors that have a major impact on the cost of car insurance and using Bond's own driving history, we'll show you the relative importance of each of these when it comes to car insurance quotes. Finally, the Tiger team has also...
12/10/2015 08:32:45 Kevin

Small Car Economics

With so many cars on the market, finding the right one can be challenging, particularly if you are looking for value for money. Many articles featuring economical cars tend to focus on fuel economy, but when you also take the cost of insurance and the price of buying the vehicle new in to the equation, the outcome can be quite different. We looked at twenty recent models to find out which ones present the best value for money for insurance, miles per gallon and the price to buy new.
06/08/2015 09:57:31 Kevin

Young Driver Car Insurance Jargon Buster

Struggling to understand all the weird terms that you come across when shopping for car insurance? The world of car insurance can be confusing and is often made more complicated by the amount of jargon that is used. There are lots of industry terms used by insurance companies that can be unfamiliar, particularly if you are new driver and only shop for insurance once a year! Tiger.co.uk has devised this "jargon buster" with younger drivers in mind, providing a...
10/06/2015 16:51:57 Kevin

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