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We have put together a number of Tiger Guides to help our site users to understand some of the intricacies of motor insurance and financial services products. So whether you are looking for cheap car insurance, interested in telematics insurance products, looking for guidance on making an insurance claim, or want to know more about a range of related matters, take a look at Tiger.co.uk’s very own guides in this library.

World Cup Cars

Here at Tiger.co.uk HQ, the car lovers among us thought it would be fun to take a look at what might happen if the World Cup tournament was between the most popular cars from each country instead of the best footballers. Here are the results But please note this has no bearing on the manufacturer's specifications, it's purely a bit of office fun! Guess what.... Germany win on penalties!
09/06/2014 16:36:46 Kevin

New Zealand Dog Licences Take On New Meaning

Leading UK car insurance comparison website Tiger.co.uk has revealed that, following successful tests of driving set-ups for dogs, the New Zealand Driving Agency has introduced canine driving licences (CDLs) for dogs whose owners struggle to drive themselves. 18 months ago a charity in New Zealand set up a special...
01/04/2014 07:36:44 Mike

Cosmic Cars Claims and Convictions

Tiger.co.uk has looked at hundreds of thousands of car insurance quotes and correlated the twelve signs of the zodiac with the driving habits of UK motorists. Read on to see what your star sign reveals about your driving behaviour. March 2014
09/03/2014 16:20:40 Kevin

Car Insurance Pricing: Reviews and Forecasts

It's that time of year! Every January we get the reviews of the previous year and predictions for the next, rolled out in every newspaper and magazine. And whilst car insurance pricing might not be as glamorous as the world of movies or music, it is something that affects every driver in the UK. By and large what we are reading about 2013 car insurance premiums is good news for motorists. We've seen the AA, Confused and the ABI all releasing data in the last few days...
31/01/2014 15:39:10 Mike

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