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We have put together a number of Tiger Guides to help our site users to understand some of the intricacies of motor insurance and financial services products. So whether you are looking for cheap car insurance, interested in telematics insurance products, looking for guidance on making an insurance claim, or want to know more about a range of related matters, take a look at Tiger.co.uk’s very own guides in this library.

Guide To Good Food On The Move

Drive and Dine When you have to eat on the move convenience often comes before quality, but here at Tiger.co.uk we’ve tracked down a few roadside cafes and eateries (some a little further off the busiest roads) that go the extra mile to keep motorists happy! Read on for a selection of the best meals on wheels in the UK and Europe! Click here to see each location on a...
01/04/2011 13:58:29 Andrew

Guide To UK Car Insurance

Introduction Car insurance is required by law in the UK for anyone who drives a car and it is intended to cover the costs of any driving related damage or injuries.  It is a legal offence to use a car, or allow others to use it, without suitable insurance whilst driving on a public road (no such legislation applies to vehicles used on private land).  Certain vehicles such as some of those used by local authorities, police and fire services do not require...
23/03/2011 16:56:20 Andrew

2011 Budget Special

23rd March 2011 Drivers’ wallets have taken a hammering in the last 12 months with rising petrol costs and soaring insurance rates.  The latest fuel price report from the AA estimates that the average price of unleaded petrol has increased by almost 15% since March 2010, with a litre now costing around 133p.  Increases in the price of diesel are even greater – up 19% over the last year to 140p a litre.  These price increases have been driven by increased oil prices...
23/03/2011 14:09:17 Andrew

Vote For Tiger!

At Tiger.co.uk we love getting feedback. Whether good (quite often) or not-so-good (not so often) it helps us to get better at what we do and create a better comparison service for our shoppers. But even we were taken aback by the feedback we received this week from one happy shopper, Arben from London.  He was, naturally, really happy to have saved about £250 on his car insurance using Tiger.co.uk – especially having tried a number of other comparison sites. And of course he was really,...
18/03/2011 16:38:43 Andrew

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