Blog: A+ for C1

Regular Tiger blog readers will know that we like to keep up to speed with new developments in car technology and also with the latest in efforts to keep car insurance for young drivers as cheap as possible. So imagine how exciting it is for us to hear that our French chums over at Citroen are taking the bold step of fitting “black box” insurance technology (a.k.a. telematics insurance) into their C1 Connexion special edition model. The move is designed to boost the appeal of the car to younger drivers, providing a new car package that is relatively cheap to run and includes what could be a competitive car insurance policy. The telematics technology is being supplied by Trafficmaster’s adaptation of its Smartnav system and will enable purchasers of the car to drive out of the showroom with insurance in place. Drivers with 2 or more years no claims bonus will be offered a year’s free insurance cover. Drivers with less NCD will be offered a heavily discounted car insurance policy. Telematics insurance allows insurers to track actual driving behaviour – speeds, times of day when the car is driven, excessive braking and other factors – and to use this information to establish prices of policies, regardless of driver age or number of years of driving experience. So after a year of motoring in their new Citroen C1, those drivers with good motoring habits will be rewarded with lower insurance premiums. Of special interest to us is that this initiative takes one of the biggest barriers to telematics insurance – the hassle of getting a “black box” fitted to a vehicle – out of the equation. So sure is Citroen of the appeal of this offer that it is increasing the production run of this special edition car by 750 units for 2013. Hats off (or “chapeau” as they say over the Channel) to Citroen for this attempt to help young drivers to get motoring. We will keep an eye on other manufacturers’ response.
25/04/2013 11:29:18 Eren

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