An Unexpected Tale

We always like to keep an eye on what’s hot in the world of car insurance. Not just here in the UK but all over the world. A couple of weeks ago we were scanning the daily news headlines from the world of insurance and this one caught the eye:

“What Will It Cost If You Hit Bambi”

Well, who’s not going to read that story? It came, of course, from the USA and the story concerned the number of deer collisions on American roads and the increasing cost to insurers of repairing the damage caused to cars and motorists as a result of such accidents. The statistics (boy, do we love these at HQ) were quite staggering. It was estimated that in the last 12 months there had been over 1 MILLION collisions between deer and cars and that the average cost of each of these was over $3,000. By our reckoning that makes the coming together of deer and cars a 3 BILLION DOLLAR industry in the USA. Digging deeper there are more incredible facts surrounding this story. Apparently there are a number of hot spots where drivers could see their car insurance prices rocket as a result of collisions with deer. In Iowa the odds of a car hitting a deer in the next 12 months are a massive 1 in 77. And in West Virginia that goes up to an eye-watering 1 in 53. All this data from across the pond got us thinking of life in dear old blighty. Surely the chances of a motorist hitting a deer in the UK must be negligible? Not so. So much not so that the AA issued guidance on road crashes involving deer in 2008. Apparently up to 75,000 deer are killed each year on UK roads – that’s about 5% of the UK deer population – causing £11 million of damage to cars and pushing up the cost of car insurance for all of us. And 150 drivers are killed or injured each year in UK deer crashes. Hampshire, Essex and Suffolk are the UK’s hottest counties when it comes to deer collisions. So the next time you’re driving through woods and see the triangular Bambi road sign, check your speed and stay alert. Drive safely!
27/10/2011 08:32:25 Jo

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