Blog: Colourful Motoring - It's An Age Thing!

The boffins here at HQ spend a lot of time poring over all sorts of data. In recent months we've looked at correlations between occupation and insurance claims (lawyers, policemen and vicars were near the top of the knocks); between occupation and convictions (dancing teachers topped the table); and even the links between astrological star signs and driving habits.

Now whenever we start looking at data correlations we usually like to have a hypothesis or two to test. For example, when we looked at occupations and car colour we wondered, jokingly, whether Del Boy market traders would be attracted to yellow cars (think the Trotter van). We were amazed to find that this assumption was correct along with accountants liking grey cars and that white van man is alive and kicking. (You can see our infographic here.)

Last week we took a look at several hundred thousand car insurance quotes to look at whether there are any correlations between age of driver and colour of car. Perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised to see that the UK's younger drivers and more senior motorists have very different tastes when it comes to choosing (or accepting?) the colour of their cars.

We found that drivers over the age of 60 were over 60% more likely to be driving brown cars than the average motorist. Green, grey, silver and gold cars were also driven more by this older group than by younger motorists.

At the younger end of the driving scale we saw that brighter car colours hold more appeal. Although seen in relatively small numbers, orange, yellow and purple cars were most popular with under 25s. Looking at more "mainstream" colours, red, black and white were also strong choices for younger drivers.

So what does this prove? Well one thought is that older drivers have grown up with a smaller range of available colours and have taken these colour choices through their motoring lives. Younger drivers, on the other hand, have had access to a dizzying array of lively colours. So will today's 19 year olds still be driving orange cars in 50 years' time?

It's amazing what thoughts get thrown up by a quick analysis of a bunch of car insurance quotes!

05/12/2013 11:49:29 Mike

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