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Well it’s certainly starting to look a lot like Christmas! The trees are up, Slade are back and the sales are on...only one last thing left to do. Share some of our New Year motor insurance predictions with you! As we’re all busy putting up stockings and looking for the nutcrackers, we’ll keep it brief!

One More Christmas List 1. THE YEAR OF THE BLACK BOX

We’re big fans of black box insurance (or telematics insurance) and we think more people will be buying this kind of motor insurance product in 2013. These “pay how you drive” policies reward good, safe drivers and with the implementation last week of the (frankly ridiculous) EU Gender Directive, we anticipate more drivers – and women drivers in particular – will be turning to these policies as they look for cheap car insurance. has put its money where its mouth is in this respect and offers more telematics insurance brands than any other comparison site. (By the way, we believe that one very well known insurance comparison site doesn’t feature ANY telematics brands!).


Motor insurance prices have been bouncing around over the last three years. According to our own “Tiger Watch price monitor, motor insurance prices were up over 16% in 2011, whereas in 2012 we saw an overall drop of just over 3%. Our forecast for 2013 is that motor insurance price inflation should be in the 2-4% range – around the level of RPI.


Whilst we expect fairly flat price increases, we do expect women under 35 to see fairly substantial rate increases as a result of the EU Gender Directive. These could reach 20%+ for the youngest female motorists and this is one of the reasons that we are backing telematics insurance to grow in 2013.


For users of we are predicting a very happy 2013, with access to about 95 great car insurance brands; a very easy-to-use Easyfill™ quote form; and some great deals on policies!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

24/12/2012 11:28:12 Eren

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