Driving With Conviction – An Occupational Hazard?

So, you’re offered a lift to your destination by a dancing teacher and by a dental technician. Which one do you accept? Well, according to our recent research, the dental technician wins hands down if you want a ride that avoids a brush with the law!

We got the Tiger.co.uk boffins who are usually figuring out how to get even better car insurance quotes for our hundreds of thousands of users and take a look at the details of over 300,000 drivers, correlating their occupations with their likelihood of having had one or more recent driving conviction.

Of course it wouldn't be fair if we didn't also build in an allowance for the fact that different jobs often require people to be out on the road and that higher mileage is more likely to result in higher numbers of convictions. So we based our research on the number of miles driven per conviction, thereby taking this into account. We also excluded any occupations where we didn’t have a sufficiently large sample to make the results statistically robust. We ended up with a list of 313 different occupations and created a look up table too, so drivers can check out how their own occupation fares.

The results were so surprising that they were picked up by a national newspaper. The “bad boys” of the road are headed up by dancing teachers, who recorded convictions for every 23,500 miles driven. Also in the hall of shame are haulage contractors, nurses, midwives, surveyors and funeral directors!

At the other end of the scale the angels of the road appear to be dental technicians, collectively recording an unblemished driving record (unlike their dentist employers who appear in the number 15 in our table). They were joined by legal clerks, launderers, students and kennel workers, who picked up convictions only every 120,000 miles or more.

Somewhere in between are found radio or TV presenters (ranked at #62); insurance representatives (#162); and police officers (#196).

Driving instructors are, reassuringly, a fairly law abiding crew, with a ranking at #297!

To see how you and your work colleagues stack up in our survey, just take a look at the full results. As ever, we would welcome your feedback.

Drive safely...and keep those points off your licence!

03/08/2012 14:02:19 Eren

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