Dying To Make That Phone Call?

A couple of weeks ago we released a Tiger Guide that highlighted the dangers and penalties associated with using mobile phones and other devices whilst driving. This is an increasing problem in the UK, despite the fact that it is usually both illegal and dangerous. A report released yesterday in Suffolk (the home of Tiger.co.uk) revealed a 33% increase in the number of motorists caught using mobile phones whilst driving. Some of this increase is down to better enforcement of the law by police. But experts at road safety organisation Brake suggest that usage is also on the increase. Brake is calling for an increase in fixed penalties for those caught using phones whilst driving. At present a first offence usually results in a fine and three points added to the driver’s licence. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in car insurance quotes for the driver. The dangers of using phones when driving were brought home in a newspaper article that featured in the Mail this week. This very sad story tells how a pregnant woman heard her partner crash fatally into a tree as he spoke to her on her mobile phone while driving. Given the evidence that using mobile devices whilst driving is distracting for motorists and puts the driver, other road users and pedestrians at greater risk, we would support any crackdown or increased penalties. Please don’t phone, text or surf the net when driving!
12/04/2012 10:04:51 Eren

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