Enjoy The Summer Of Sport

It’s going to be a cracking summer for Britain’s sports lovers. Kicking off on Friday with the European Championship football tournament in Poland and the Ukraine, there’s a plethora of sporting activity coming up that will keep many of us glued to our TV screens, radios and other assorted mobile devices. Maybe even a bit of live action for those lucky enough to hold tickets. After the football it’s on to Wimbledon and another bout of Murray-mania. Then it’s north to take in the British Open golf championship at Lytham in mid-July. And in the last week in July all eyes will be on London as the Olympic flame ignites two and a half weeks of sporting excellence. When that’s over, it’s only another week until the Premier League football season kicks off again. So much sport, so little time! Many of us will enjoy this sporting feast from the comfort of our armchairs or watch with mates on the big screen in a pub or bar. Which brings us to the moral of this tale. Police forces all over the country have announced that the onset of a summer of sporting riches will coincide with a crackdown on drink-driving this summer, with their “Don’t Blow It” campaign rolling out across the country. The timing of this is no coincidence. Groups of adults watching sport together, often in pubs, bars or each others’ houses can bring the temptation of having a couple of beers  or that extra glass of wine, especially when the sun’s out and your favourite team/player/athlete is winning. The drink-driving stats make shocking reading:
  • Driving at the legal limit makes the likelihood of a collision two to five times greater.
  • At twice the legal limit, this increases to 30 times greater...or 50 times more likely when it comes to fatal collisions.
We’ve recently issued our guide to drink-driving to help motorists to better understand what it is and what effect it can have – not just on drivers’ car insurance costs but on other aspects of their lives. Do take a look. We want everyone in the UK to really enjoy the spectacular summer of sport that’s ahead of us. We especially want Britain’s drivers to enjoy themselves – but not at the expense of either their own safety or that of other road users and pedestrians. So if you are having a couple of beers with the lads to cheer England to victory in the Euros; raising a glass of Pimms to celebrate Andy’s Wimbledon breakthrough; or cracking open a bottle of champagne to celebrate yet another GB gold medal, please don’t drive afterwards. Have a safe summer.
08/06/2012 09:00:28 Eren

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