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Car insurance isn’t straightforward at all is it? Different policy types; no claims discounts; accident histories; convictions; postcodes; annual mileage; levels of excess. This all adds up to loads of questions that need to be answered when getting car insurance quotes and a lot of head scratching when it comes to figuring out whether a policy is right for you.

Of course we spend a lot of time here at Tiger HQ trying to make life easier for the UK’s car insurance hunters. That’s why we’ve got our very own Easyfill™ (the legal people here made me use that ™ thing!) quote forms and loads of different insurance brands ready to give you their quotes. And we’ve put together our own Tiger Guides to help you to understand how insurance works and offering tips for getting the very best deals.

But car insurance is a big ticket item – average policy prices are creeping up to the four figure level – and it’s no surprise that drivers want to ensure that they’re not only getting a great deal with regards to policy price but that they’re also actually getting the level of cover they want too. There are also concerns about when to inform an insurer of a change to either a car or to the policyholder’s circumstances.

This requirement for clear, accurate information and explanation is what lead us to start our “Ask the Tiger” service at the beginning of 2011. In fact, we’re just about to break through the 200 marker in terms of the number of “Ask the Tiger” answers our insurance experts here have posted on the site. These have included advice about personalised number plates; parking in front gardens; windscreen replacement; proof of no claims discounts; temporary addresses; and much, much more.

Our aim is to help everyone who uses to make sure that, as far as possible, they get the best policy at the best price and also have the peace of mind that goes with this. We know that there’s lots of jargon and complicated policy stuff in the world of car, bike and van insurance and we want to help our site users to cut through this so they can get on with more important things in life. Like washing your hair or cooking lasagne!

So next time you’re scratching your head, trying to work out what a GDLS is, what GAP insurance is for, or whether you need a green card just check out the search facility on our “Ask the Tiger” page or email us your question.

Enjoy the lasagne!

27/04/2012 08:57:50 Eren

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