Guide To Car Insurance Extras

Car insurance policies can offer many additional features that provide additional cover for things other than just having an accident.

Tailoring your car insurance policy can be a difficult balancing act between level of cover and overall cost. Depending on your individual circumstances you may need some additional cover; similarly there may be features that you might be paying for that is not suitable for you. When reviewing policy details it is important to note what is offered as standard on the policy and what is on offer at an additional cost. When shopping around for insurance on these features are documented on your quote results page with a tick to indicate if it is included and a cost where it is offered as an extra.

This guide is designed to help you to understand the different features on offer so that you can structure your motor insurance policy around what is important to you.

Windscreen Cover

Windscreen cover is an insurance product which allows you to have your windscreen repaired or replaced if necessary. Windscreen cover can extend not only to damage caused by road accidents but includes other causes such as theft or chips caused by debris from the road.

Some insurance providers will offer windscreen cover on a comprehensive insurance policy as standard. This cover will often cover any repairs for free and replace a windscreen for an excess charge. Whether it is offered as standard, and terms and conditions of the cover vary between insurance providers so you need to make sure you check with individual providers. Windscreen cover could be suitable for all types of motorists, particularly those who have a high annual mileage.

Courtesy Car

If your vehicle is off the road due to an insurance investigation or repairs being made as a result of an accident a courtesy car is offered for a set period agreed by the insurer. Courtesy cars are sometimes offered as standard with a fully comprehensive policy if the insurer’s approved repairer is used, or you can buy it at an additional cost.

The cost, length of time and make and model of a courtesy car will vary from insurer to insurer so it is important to check the policy details. A Courtesy car could be suitable for any driver who drives a lot of miles and is very dependent on their vehicle, for example if you use your car for commuting or aspects of your business.

Legal Cover

Legal expenses typically cover incidents that are not covered by a conventional car insurance policy. These can include legal advice, and associated costs and expenses to pursue claims. It also covers costs and expenses associated in pursuing claims as a result of personal injury or death in a road traffic accident while insured. Cover amounts vary between insurers but is usually up to £100,000 to defend or pursue a legal matter regarding motoring related losses.

If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault and you need to pursue uninsured losses, legal cover protects you from the associated stresses and costs of recovering those losses. This could be beneficial for all motorists, particularly young drivers who may otherwise be unable to pursue a claim due to the financial commitment.

Protected No Claims Discount

Most insurers will enable you to protect your no claims discount once a minimum of 4 years no claims discount have been awarded. You can protect your no claims discount so that in the event of a claim your no claims discount remains intact. Insurers usually stipulate the number of claims you can have within a period of time to keep your no claims discount however some providers do offer unlimited protection.

Although no claims discount can be transferred from one policy to another you can only build up no claims bonus on one car. If you have two cars than no claims bonus will need to be earned on each car separately.

Protected no claims discount could be suitable for all drivers but particularly for more experienced motorists who have had several years of claim free driving.

Personal Injury Cover

Personal injury cover offers a sum of money in the event of serious injury or death resulting from an accident. The policy holder will receive compensation if he/she suffers loss of one or more limbs, eyes or suffers another form of permanent disability. The amount and the method of payment can vary between insurance providers (e.g. the compensation can be issued in one lump sum or in instalments over a certain period).

Personal injury cover should not be confused with life insurance, life insurance covers death by illness or natural causes.

Personal Injury cover could be suitable for all drivers but particularly for motorists with families.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover, as the title implies, provides assistance to drivers who have broken down in a vehicle and are unable to continue or start their journey.

There are many providers that now offer breakdown as an add-on to a standard policy, but as with all optional extras be sure to enquire about what is on offer as different levels of cover will be available.

Breakdown cover is a suitable product for many different types of motorists. Young or inexperienced motorists could particularly benefit from breakdown cover as they are more vulnerable and breakdown cover can provide peace of mind that help is on the way.

Whether you are looking for a new car insurance quote or simply want to review your existing arrangements it is wise to consider the available features and add-ons. Always check the terms and conditions of what is on offer with the insurer as the details do vary.

Also, make sure you are evaluating what is on offer in line with your personal circumstances and driving habits. For example; if you are very reliant on your car then a courtesy car might be suitable, however if you have use of another car, or access to alternative transportation this could be something you can live without.

So now that you are fully versed in the motor insurance policy extras why not get a car insurance quote from Visit our motor insurance page today and get the best deal!

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