Guide To Telematics Insurance Providers

Also known as black box insurance, telematics based car insurance offers a more personalised approach to car insurance that prices premiums based on an individual’s actual driving behaviours.

This guide provides an introduction to the telematics brands featured on (as at November 2013) and how to find them.

To read more about how telematics based policies work take a look at our Guide To Telematics and Car Insurance.

Telematics Car Insurance Brands On

All of the telematics brands featured on require a small box to be fitted to the car so that the data on a motorists driving behavior can be recorded and used to calculate insurance premiums.


Autosaint Telematics Car Insurance

Facts, features and points to note about the Autosaint telematics policy:

  • The Autosaint telematics box is fitted to the driver’s vehicle by Halfords and the cost of fitting is included in the price of insurance
  • Curfew and non-curfew policies are available
  • Text alerts on ways to improve driving are provided

Autosaint uses a variety of factors to generate premiums - things like aggressive acceleration and braking, mileage, speed, the time of day the vehicle is driven and cornering speed. These factors are all used to build a picture of how safe a driver is. The less of a risk they present, the more money they can save.

Autosaint provides a text and email service giving drivers hints and tips on how to improve driving, updates on personal driving data and advice on how to achieve the best premiums. Policyholders are also able to log on to a personalised online dashboard to access real time driving data.


Insure The Box Telematics Car Insurance

Facts, features and points to note about the insurethebox telematics policy:

  • A fixed annual premium with no curfews
  • The box acts as a theft tracking device to help if the vehicle is stolen
  • Choose from a 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 mile policy
  • Provides the opportunity to earn bonus miles as you drive
  • The box is fitted by an insurethebox installer for free

insurethebox bases car insurance premiums on the number of miles that are driven. There are three products featured on the site, a 6,000 mile product, an 8,000 mile product and a 10,000 mile product, any of which can be selected depending on how many miles are expected to be driven every year. Drivers can increase miles by earning bonus mileage for safe driving and can track progress through a personalised portal that is accessed online.

Bell from Admiral

Bell Telematics Car Insurance

Facts, features and points to note about the Bell telematics policy:

  • A driving score is created from data captured on driving
  • The score is reviewed once a policy has been in place for 6 months
  • 24 hour theft helpline connected to vehicle tracking centre
  • The box is fitted for free by the Admiral installation team

Bell uses information about factors such as acceleration, braking, cornering, distance driven and at what time of day the vehicle is driven to create a personalised driving score. The score represents how safely Bell interprets the driving to be. Once a policy has been held for six months the score is compared to other policyholders and the premium is adjusted accordingly.


Coverbox Telematics Car Insurance

Facts, features and points to note about the Coverbox telematics policy:

  • Rewards drivers who drive fewer miles at safer times of day
  • Insurance documents are stored online for safe keeping
  • The box is also a tracker device
  • The box is fitted by Coverbox installation technicians for free

Coverbox takes things such as where the vehicle is kept overnight, the miles and times of day the car is driven (time of day is categorised as peak and off peak) into account when calculating the policy premium. Information on the policy can be viewed via a personalised online dashboard.

Hastings SmartMiles

Hastings Direct Telematics Car Insurance

Facts, features and points to note about the Hastings SmartMiles telematics policy:

  • Competitive rates designed primarily for young or inexperienced drivers
  • No driving curfews
  • Includes personal possessions cover and legal cover as standard
  • Provides the ability to view driver data on the SmartMiles dashboard
  • The telematics box is fitted to the car by Hastings technicians and the cost is included in the price of first year’s insurance

Hastings Direct SmartMiles provides a free courtesy car if your car is being repaired by an approved repairer, windscreen cover and £100,000 motor legal protection is included as standard.

IGO4 WiseDriving

Wise Driving Telematics Car Insurance

Facts, features and points to note about the IGO4 WiseDriving telematics policy:

  • Telematics policy aimed at all drivers, regardless of age or experience
  • Rewards good driving throughout the year rather than at renewal
  • Breakdown, legal, gadget and key cover are all available as extras
  • There is a customer helpline for theft tracking

WiseDriving is designed to appeal to drivers of all ages and levels of experience. Premiums are re-calculated every month and payments adjusted accordingly based on the previous month’s driving data – if a driver has paid in full for the policy they will get a refund where due. Driving data is available to view via an online dashboard.

Carrot Insurance

Carrot Telematics Car Insurance

Facts, features and points to note about the Carrot telematics policy:

  • Carrot is aimed at younger drivers
  • There is an annual mileage allowance of 3,000 or 7,000 miles
  • No late night curfews
  • A pre-paid Carrot Mastercard is provided where cash rewards are deposited to reward safe driving and referrals
  • Cashback can be earned on the card when used at selected retailers
  • The box is fitted by Carrot technicians for free

Annual mileage allowance is set at the point that the policy is set-up with the option to buy bonus miles. The telematics box measures acceleration, braking, swerving and the number and length of journeys. This information is then used to calculate a driver score which provides the opportunity to earn rewards.

Drive Smart

Coverbox Telematics Car Insurance

Facts, features and points to note about the Drive Smart policy:

Drive Smart measures the safety of a motorist's driving habits by monitoring the following key areas:

  • The length of journeys
  • Driving at night between 11pm to 5am
  • Tracking speed and braking behavior
  • Roads travelled on

As with other providers, Drive Smart provides a customer dashboard to access driver data.

Girls Drive Better

Facts, features and points to note about the Girls Drive Better policy:

Girls Drive Better is an insurance product designed for female drivers. It offers a standard insurance product and a telematics-based product.

The Girls Drive Better telematics box gathers information on:

  • Location
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • Time of driving
  • Speed

Every policy includes legal protection and uninsured loss recovery up to the value of £100,000; handbag and contents cover which includes mobile phone cover; and a key repatriation service. Girls Drive Better also offers a rewards programme to policy holders.

Policywise telematics

Coverbox Telematics Car Insurance

Policywise offers a telematics product alongside a standard car insurance product. It monitors the following driving data:

  • Location
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • Time of driving
  • Speed

How To Find Telematics Car Insurance At features all of the telematics based insurance brands mentioned in this guide. To find a company that can offer good value quotes based on your individual details use the simple Easyfill™ form to obtain a quote. Tiger will run those details through its panel of over 150 motor insurance providers and return quotes from the brands best suited to your requirements. Look for the telematics brands above in your list of results. Do not forget to always check the policy details.

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