Top Ten Money Saving Sites For Motorists

Using the internet can help with more than just getting you a good price on your car insurance. It can also help you to save money (and time) on other areas of motoring too. With driving becoming a more costly activity, we thought we would share a few ideas about where to go online to save a bit of money. Read on to find out more. Buying a new car
  1. If you are looking for a new car and dislike awkward haggling on the forecourt try Autoebid. They work on a system where you tell them the lowest price you want to pay for a car and they contact dealers from a database of over 3,000 to place bids. The dealers bid against each other which may well drive down the costs for you. The service works on a no win, no fee basis and they charge a percentage of the retail price dependent on  the value.
  2. Bestcarfinder If you want a new car every few years, and like the idea of not having the hassle of selling it on afterwards, then leasing could be a good option for you. BestCarFinder searches the UK leasing market for you to find the best deals.
  3. Mycarcheck Don’t forget that you can easily run a check online to get a full round up of information relating to the vehicle and importantly check whether it has been stolen or suffered any bad accidents. This costs from as little as £4.95
Staying on the road Once you have got your ideal motor then comes the cost of the up keep!
  1. Warranty Direct Did you know that you can protect yourself against the cost of service and MOT failure by extending your warranty? If you extend your warranty with our partners Warranty Direct you can also get a discount on the cost of an MOT test.
  1. Etyres You could save on new tyres by using an online service. Etyres offer a nationwide mobile tyre fitting service and will travel to a location of your choice (home or work) to fit your new tyres for free.
  1. We all know that the cost of fuel is soaring, so before you go out on the road you can be savvy about re-fuelling by using this site to find the lowest price fuel in your area.
  1. If you find yourself stuck on the roadside with engine issues and you do not have breakdown cover you will have to pay a premium to call out roadside services. Why not use our breakdown cover comparison tool to compare cover for car, van and bike. You could save yourself a wad of cash by being prepared.
  1. and are sites that allow property-owners to rent their garages and driveways to people wanting somewhere to park. Parking at someone’s house could be cheaper than paying for a car park, or you could advertise your own space and make some money!
  1. Don’t forget you can cut down on costs and your carbon footprint by joining a car share scheme. If you register with a recognised scheme such as national car share you can register as a driver or a passenger and importantly, they provide an ID number to participants and guidelines on personal security. A good way to save cash and be green!
  1. Of course we had to mention our own comparison site! Don’t forget to visit us first to shop around and save on your motor insurance and much more!
Don't forget! If you have taken out comprehensive car insurance, windscreen cover is offered as standard on most policies. So if you do suffer a chip or crack, check your policy. Some insurers will offer unlimited cover if you are able to use a particular windscreen replacement supplier.
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