If you're looking to buy car insurance for the first time, the cost can be a shock - scary at best and prohibitive at worst. Quotes of £2000 or more are pretty commonplace for a young driver who's just passed their test, meaning that a year's car insurance could easily cost more than the car you're planning to drive.

Whilst it's true that car insurance costs fall quickly after the first year (as long as you keep a clean licence and make no claims on your policy), this is only a small consolation if high first year premiums mean that you can't even get on to the car insurance ladder in the first place.

Don't despair though. To help with this potential "Catch 22" situation, has put together 10 straightforward tips for keeping your car insurance costs down.

Take a look - it will only take you a couple of minutes - and share this with anyone you know who's struggling to find affordable car insurance. We'd welcome your feedback or your own take on car insurance for young drivers.

08/05/2015 12:51:10 Kevin

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