In Good Shape For The New Year?

16 January 2011 Well, how are your New Year’s fitness resolutions shaping up? We all pledge to get out the running shoes, cut out the cream cakes and lock away the beer and wine until February. But by mid-month many of us are back to the “same old, same old”, with those good intentions little more than a distant memory. Oh well, we’ll have another go next year! But what about your financial fitness? With every day seemingly bringing with it a bit more economic doom and gloom, shouldn’t we all try to make the household budget stretch that little bit further in 2012? Pretty much every UK household could save a substantial sum without having to put in much more effort than it takes to turn on a PC and take the mouse for a run round the table. So how about joining us in making just two simple financial fitness pledges this year? It’s never too late! 1.Review your credit cards (you can do this now!) There are some fantastic deals available when you switch credit card provider, including extended 0% balance transfer deals from some of the big players in the market. So if you allowed your credit waistline to expand last Christmas, check out the range of great deals on the credit card comparison page of So check out what you’re currently paying in monthly interest on your credit card and do some simple maths to work out what you can save. 2. Shop around for cheaper car insurance (make a note in your diary for about 30 days before your current car insurance policy expires) When your car insurance is up for renewal, ALWAYS SHOP AROUND. Use to search around for a better car insurance quote. We ran a survey of shoppers recently and found that more than three-quarters of people buying through the site saved over £100, with more than a quarter saving in excess of £300. That’s £300, in return for just a few minutes’ on the PC and (maybe) the phone. That’s it. Of course you can do more. Home insurance, cheaper loans, better savings account interest, better bank accounts, cheaper travel insurance...But a complete money makeover only seems to really happen on TV shows. So do what we’re all doing this year. Keep it simple and get yourself financially fit, one product at a time! And remember, every year is the Year of the Tiger! THE TIGER TEAM
16/01/2012 14:20:55 Jo

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