It’s Official: Motorbike Season Is Here!

We’ve just been reviewing the March activity on, in particular we’ve been taking a look at the number of bike insurance quotes that have been run through the site. Just like seeing the first swallow of Summer or hearing the first cuckoo of Spring, we can spot the onset of the bike season by the uplift we see in quotes being run at this time of year. 2012 has been no exception: March quote volumes were some 40% higher than February. Traditionally, March and April are the peak months for motorbike insurance activity. Getting motorcycle insurance sorted out is only one part of getting ready for the new bike season. Having insurance cover for your bike is a legal requirement of course. And you’d expect me to tell you that using a site like to help you find the right cover at the right price is a great place to start! (After all, has just added to its list of websites to use for searching for motorbike insurance). Safety is also of paramount concern to us and particularly for “fair weather” bikers.  Remember that the statistics tell us ( that bikers are 50 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than car drivers. With this in mind, it’s worth highlighting a few things that all riders should do when dusting off the bike and polishing the leathers after their winter hibernation. Firstly, always check your bike over before taking it out for a test spin:
  • Check the oil and fluid levels
  • Check control cables, hoses, throttle, lights and electrics
  • Check the tyres for inflation and tread
  • Check over the chassis - frame, forks and shocks
  • Check the chain or belt
Secondly, check your helmet and safety clothing. Don’t be tempted to ride in warmer weather without appropriate safety clothing, including gloves. Check your goggles or visor for good visibility too. Finally , check that you are making yourself as visible as possible to other road users and pedestrians – some 50% of motorbike accidents involve collisions with another vehicle at junctions. The government’s current “THINK! BIKER” ad campaign is trying to get car drivers to look out for bikers. We applaud this but want to ensure that bikers themselves do everything they can to stay safe this summer. Enjoy safe biking!
03/04/2012 11:22:01 Eren

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