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I know we’re only just into February and we’re still thinking overcoats rather than shorts, but it’s nearly time for thousands of the UK’S fair-weather bikers to start thinking about getting their bikes back on the road. As now has what we believe is the biggest panel of bike insurers of any bike insurance comparison site (almost 40 brands available now!) we like to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the bike world. With this in mind we saw a couple of press stories this week that we’d like to share with you. Firstly, a warning that thousands of motorcyclists could be riding with invalid insurance because of a lack of clarity over what constitutes having a full bike licence. In a recent test case the insurance ombudsman ruled that a full licence is usually only obtained two years after passing a standard bike test, when the 33bhp power restriction on new licence holders is automatically lifted. This means that, without knowing it, many riders may be misinforming their insurers with regard to how long they have held a full licence. This could render policies invalid and lead some insurers to reject claims made on them. The moral of this story? Make sure you fill in any bike insurance quote form accurately and if in doubt check directly with insurance providers. Note that there is no standard insurer view on this and therefore different companies interpret this licensing issue differently. Secondly, a warning about motorbike tyres from a survey conducted by Swinton Bikes. The survey found that about 15% of riders rarely check their tyres for tread depth and wear and tear. Almost a third of these admitted to NEVER having checked their tyres and 2% of respondents reported that their bike had failed an MOT because of bald tyres. So a reminder to all bikers  and especially those who may be more seasonal riders , to regularly check your tyres for tread depth as well as looking for any bulges lumps or tears and checking tyre pressures too. Clearly this is a major safety concern and a minute a week is all it takes to ensure that your tyres stay legal and safe. Happy biking!
16/02/2012 16:19:43 Mike

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