Monte Carlo Or Bust?

We’ve just seen a story doing the rounds this week that would bring tears to any lover of top marquee cars...or any insurer! Almost £700,000 worth of supercars involved in what turned into the Monte Carlo demolition derby. What became a very expensive car crash started with one unlucky lady driver – well actually not that unlucky as she was driving a £250,000 Bentley Azure! She drove into the side of a £75,000 S Class Mercedes before hitting a Ferrari F430 (value: £140,000), a Porsche 911 (a mere £80,000 of sports car) before finishing with a bump into a £140,000 Aston Martin Rapide. And of course the accident occurred in the busy Place du Casino, providing hundreds of tourists with a great story for their postcards home. Thankfully no one was hurt (bruised pride apart) but the repair bill was estimated to be somewhere in the region of £40,000! The moral of this story: If you’re planning a driving holiday abroad don’t forget to check your car insurance cover and take a look at our handy guide to driving overseas. Oh, and take special care in Monte Carlo!
02/08/2011 11:10:16 Jo

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