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Tiger mascot working hardWelcome to my very first Tiger blog! What’s it all about? Well, was launched two years ago with the aim of creating a great, easy-to-use comparison site, majoring on car and bike insurance.  We now work with over 130 insurance brands and over those two years we’ve had hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site and helped many of these to get great deals on their insurance.  Recently we’ve added services like a credit card comparison service and soon we’ll be launching a home insurance comparison tool too.  We’re also working on a series of guides that will help you when you’re shopping for insurance or on the road.  From the great feedback we get, we know that users already like the way the site looks and works so we think we’re building on a successful foundation. It's a jungleIn case you’re wondering where comes from, it’s part of Call Connection, one of the UK’s leading supplier of telephone leads to insurance companies.  We’re based in Ipswich in Suffolk where we have a 250-seat call centre that works alongside the team.  When it gets really busy you’ll even see me helping out on the phones! Yes I really do exist – I’m not just a figment of the meerkating department’s imagination like some smaller animals!  I just don’t get out much...yet!  My New Year’s Resolution for 2011 was to put this to rights.  That’s why I’ve decided to blog my way through the year and to let you know what I’m up to, whether it’s helping to promote some of the charities we work with or developing new ideas for the website.  And of course to share with you anything that might help to make your motoring cheaper, more hassle free or more fun!  To do this I will get some of the insurance experts and boffins from the office to help me from time to time.  And if you have any questions about insurance, you can “Ask The Tiger” at and I’ll get you an answer. Tiger with some fantasic employeesSo what have I been up to in 2011?  Last week I took a few of the team here to see a one-off poster site that was produced from an idea developed by them as part of a training day.  I just want to reassure all of my blog readers that, despite the squashed moustache, no opera singers were harmed during the making of this ad! supporting East Anglian Air AmbulanceAnd when I got back to the office I was asked if I’d help present a cheque to the fantastic people at the East Anglian Air Ambulance.  Our call centre had a whip round for them on our last dress down day and raised over £300 for this great charity.  (I’m the one in the middle!) Did you know that it costs about £1,500 each time they launch a helicopter – that’s over £4 million a year!  And every single penny comes from charitable donations.  Impressed?  We certainly were.  (By the way, the nice young man standing next to me works in our call centre and was the recipient of a helicopter airlift after a car crash a few years ago). Well, February’s drawing to a close and I’ve got to sort out my busy diary for March.  In the meantime keep an eye out for me on Facebook (Tiger Insurance Comparison – please like the page) or follow me on Twitter (@TigerComparison). “May the paws be with you!”
08/03/2011 17:55:55 Jo

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