Supercar...Pelican Crossing...Superclaim!

01 December 2011

Once again we’ve been scouring the world’s press for interesting motoring and car insurance stories. Remember the Dubai motorist who took his pet tiger for a spin? Or the Monte Carlo supercar parking pile up? Or the chances of driving into an American deer?

This time we’ve come across what is bound to be a high profile court case in the USA, where a $2.2 million insurance claim is about to go to jury trial. Yes, that’s a $2.2 million insurance claim for vehicle damage, with not a whiplash injury in sight.

The case dates back two years when Texan driver Andy House’s Bugatti Veyron supercar took a detour into a Galveston lake, having apparently swerved to avoid a pelican (could be the most expensive Pelican Crossing crash in history!).

The driver had apparently borrowed $1 million to buy what is one of the world’s rarest and most powerful cars (only 300 have ever been made) and then insured the car for twice that much. (It’s possible to “over-insure” rare or historical vehicles in an “agreed value” policy).

However the insurer is claiming that there was no evidence of a genuine accident. No skid marks were found at the scene; the driver left the engine running in saltwater, ruining it; and that there’s a video of the “accident” taken by a passer-by that shows no indication of a pelican or of the use of sudden braking.

This video (you can see it here) has now had over 2.6 million views. That’s a big jury!

01/12/2011 11:01:18 Jo

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