The Undy 500 Challenge

Do you work in an office? If so, what would you like to do with your finance boss when you don’t get that pay rise? Or your IT head honcho when your computer grinds to a halt or the printer packs in?

We’re sending our IT and finance chiefs to Greece. Mount Olympus to be precise. And we’re making them drive there themselves. In a very old, very cheap car that’s already clocked over 170,000 miles and may well struggle on the uphill bits (and the downhill bits too).

That’s harsh I hear you say. But it’s all for charity!

On August 12th (the last day of the London Olympics) we’re packing the  IT and finance bosses off on The Undy 500 Challenge. It’s open to up to a dozen cars that have been bought for less than £500 and then been made safe enough to attempt the 2,400 mile, 6 day journey to southern Europe. Symbolically, they’ll be returning the Olympic flame to Mount Olympus after the London 2012 team has finished with it over here. Taking in a route including Cologne, Munich, Belgrade, Zagreb and Skopje, the cars may also have a crack at the famous racetrack at Nurburgring along the way.

Two of our amazing local charities will benefit – the East Anglian Air Ambulance and St Elizabeth Hospice (Suffolk) - and we’re hoping that the event will raise thousands of pounds to support their great work.

If you’d like to support our intrepid drivers in this effort, you can make a donation here (our ace team comprises Steve Collis and Paul Pestell).

Or if you’d like to find out more about the event, the team and how the guys are getting on (or not) when they’re on the road, you can have a look at our special Undy 500 event page.

So now you know. Even the most dedicated people need an occasional break from finding great car insurance quotes for our loyal fans! And the spirit of adventure lives on.

Bon voyage boys!

27/07/2012 09:41:24 Eren

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