Tigers Love Apples!

Last year we ran a competition on the Tiger Insurance Comparison Facebook page and one lucky man walked away with a top-of-the-range iPad 2 just for making friends with (well, liking) our Tiger. About 1,500 people entered the competition so the odds weren’t bad. A number of people discovered Tiger.co.uk through the competition and went on to buy motor insurance policies through the site – let’s call the savings they made consolation prizes! So why are we telling you this? Well our friends at Apple have just announced the arrival of a new iPad so we thought we would re-run the competition and put an even lighter, quicker iPad up for grabs. Anyone who already “likes” us will automatically be entered into the new competition. And anyone who “likes” our page and posts the message “I want the new iPad” on the Tiger.co.uk wall before the end of May will also have a chance of winning. So don’t hang around. The chances of winning the jackpot on the National Lottery are estimated at about 14 million to 1. Winning the jackpot (well, the new iPad) on the Tiger.co.uk free-to-enter draw is almost 5,000 times more likely. Get your family and friends to enter too. (Oh, the legal peeps here told me to tell you that the terms and conditions for the draw can be found on our Facebook page). Good luck... The Tiger Team...
16/03/2012 09:00:10 Eren

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