Undy 500 Day 2

Monday 13th August. Undy 500 Day 2 started with a few sore heads for those who had decided to see the closing ceremony of London 2012 at a local bar in Cologne. However, the majority were soon ready to get going to visit the Michael Schumacher Karting centre in Kerpen. It was clear from start that the racing was going to be tight with the best lap time achieved a mere 54.99 seconds by Marcel Doonbos. After this quick detour we headed off to the Nurburgring to put all of our cars through their paces. With wheels screeching, suspensions straining and brakes literally smoking all of the cars survived the experience. We all appreciated our cars even more after their gutsy performance. After having driven 312 miles during the day we ended at a camp site in Stuttgart for the night. We sat down to pizza and beers all having a good laugh about the adventure so far before retiring to our respective tents. We soon found out that we had arrived at the noisiest camp site in Germany when the traffic started rumbling past at 2:30am in the morning ....unfortunately even that didn't seem to affect the snoring capabilities of some!
14/08/2012 07:51:24 Jo

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