Undy 500 - Day 3

Tuesday 14th August. Day 3 has been a day of firsts: The Undy 500's first camp side home cooked breakfast courtesy of Steve Collis, much appreciated! The first breakdown courtesy of Team Tiger and a flat battery due to hot wiring a cool box in and leaving it on overnight! The Undy 500 teams all getting their vehicles over the 1000 mile distance mark. Team Tiger's BMW hitting 180,000 on its odometer. Driving on some fabulous roads and seeing the amazing scenery of Austria before finally completing the 491 Mile journey and arriving in Zagreb. The only downer to the day was three teams being fined in Slovenia for not purchasing a vignette whilst on the toll roads.  It would have been all of us if it were not for some quick communication between team members, but come on Slovenia! Give some better signs to motorists entering the country explaining what is required instead of waiting for unsuspecting drivers at the border crossing. A beer was much needed, but some confusion over the local currency arose when we got a bill for 32 Euros for two beers in the hotel so we made a sharp exit, only to find it wasn't euro but Kunar and the beer was only actual £1.75! After all meeting up at a local bar we headed into Zagreb to experience the local nightlife ending up in a restaurant and being serenaded by a long haired moustached guy who could not play and was miming to songs. What a performance!
15/08/2012 08:01:11 Jo

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