Undy 500 - Day 4

Wednesday 15th August. After having breakfast we all met down at the car park to commence the short drive of a mere 246 miles to Belgrade. However, today it seems the pranking around has begun, as a banana was discovered up the tail pipe of Pass the Dutchie's Citreon C5. Team Tiger and the Dastardly & Muttley team left Zagreb in convoy and again a little fun ensued with a few bumps occurring here and there....clearly due to poor brakes (I think not), and the accidental reversing into each other's cars when parked up. At least both vehicles now have a bit more character! With the initial excitement  over we set out on a fairly boring drive along what was basically a straight road. The only excitement arising when we crossed the border from Croatia to Serbia having to endure their border crossing and passport control. Unfortunately the officer did not seem to be as amused as us when Mr Collis used the Tiger puppet to provide the passports to him. Luckily no fines were imposed this time. After meeting up in a bar in the shopping centre below the hotel we all swiftly departed for an evening in Belgrade. We enjoyed drinks and food at bar overlooking the river Danube before a splinter group went off to the beer festival - supposedly one of the top twenty things to do in your lifetime. Whilst all this was happening a decision was made that Pass The Dutchie's car was far too new (being an 02 plate), and it was in need of a new paint job to reflect it's true character. The two most budding artists in the group (mentioning no names) set to work and produced a masterpiece. We are now all waiting to see the reaction of Pass The Dutchie when we set off today.....watch this space!
16/08/2012 08:15:07 Jo

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