Undy 500 Day 5

Thursday 16th August. Due to flight commitments, a change of plan was agreed; Day 5 was going to be a long drive to Thessaloniki, Greece, some 403 miles going through Serbia, Macedonia and finally into Greece rather than staying the night in Skopje in Macedonia. We all gathered for an 8am departure, waiting in anticipation for Pass The Dutchie so we could observe the reaction to their newly repainted and re-styled Citroen C5. They arrived downstairs in due course, and after a few small expletives from Mr Flory they took it in the spirit in which it was intended! The first challenge of the day was to exit Belgrade. A challenge firstly, because none of the sat navs had any data on Belgrade and secondly, they all drive like maniacs! 45 mins after starting off we finally made it out of the city and headed out of Serbia. The second challenge was getting into Macedonia as only one team had a Green Card with them despite all vehicle insurances obtained thought to provide full cover in all of the countries being visited. So 50 Euros later and a wasted 30 mins on the border we were back on the road driving through some amazing scenery. Dastardly and Muttley's car, despite now having little or no suspension on one side causing the vehicle to lean somewhat, coped with the bumps and potholes admirably. On progressing further through Macedonia and into Greece the temperature climbed to a warm 37.5 c which may have had an impact on to the sanity of Team Sackers as upon finding a Greek radio station they decided to perform some Greek dancing whilst in the car. Having all arrived safely in Thessaloniki, an evening dinner was had in the hotel to celebrate all of the cars arriving in Greece and a selection of awards being made which we will update on in due course. We then headed in to Thessaloniki for a few drinks but before retiring for the night ready to make the final short run to Mount Olympus.
17/08/2012 08:37:36 Jo

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