Unleashing The Tiger

Our hometown of Ipswich played host to the first of three all day events called "What’s on Wednesday?" organised by Ipswich Central yesterday. The event, designed to keep children amused while not stretching parents pockets too much, took over an area of the town centre and transformed it into a spacious green picnic area jam packed with activities and entertainment for the family. A pleasant antidote to the troubled times we are experiencing elsewhere in the country at the moment. We took the Tiger along to say "hello" to the many people who made it along to the event and have put the photographs of the day online at the Tiger.co.uk Facebook page. If you fancy having your photo taken with the Tiger we will be taking him along again on Wednesday the 17th and Wednesday the 24th. Don’t forget to go along and take a look at the pictures of the Tiger posing with his new friends - meanwhile, we hope you are enjoying your summer holidays!
12/08/2011 08:23:36 Jo

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