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At we love getting feedback. Whether good (quite often) or not-so-good (not so often) it helps us to get better at what we do and create a better comparison service for our shoppers. But even we were taken aback by the feedback we received this week from one happy shopper, Arben from London.  He was, naturally, really happy to have saved about £250 on his car insurance using – especially having tried a number of other comparison sites. And of course he was really, really happy that he found to be “a fantastic comparison site...easy to use, actually very, very easy”. However he then went on to ask “can you please get to run this country” as he thought we’d do a better job! We’ve told him that when it comes to politics, even a tiger has to earn its stripes before it can get the keys to Number 10! Meanwhile back in the real world do keep that feedback rolling in.  It’s nice to hear when we’ve helped shoppers save money on anything from car insurance to credit cards.  And if we get to hear of any niggles that you have with we promise we’ll listen.  (I’m sounding like a politician now!) There’s plenty of ways to get in touch.  Use the feedback form on the site; our Facebook page (Tiger Insurance Comparison); or if you have a specific question about insurance you can Ask The Tiger.  You can Twitter the Tiger too. Let your voice be heard!  Vote Tiger!
18/03/2011 16:38:43 Andrew

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